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Preparing for the future with annuities~

Preparing for the future can be a daunting task. But being armed with a little information can help streamline the task at hand.

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Look at these facts:

1. Stock and bond investments have been losing money hand over fist.
2. Bank interest is down to 1%.
3. People up in years need financial security.
4. Annuities are the best answer and most are backed by the 5-year United States
    Treasury Security.

Did you know.....


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*Annuities  are  time  accounts  that  work  very  similar  to  a  CD  at the bank.
*Annuities offer a greater return on your money.  Annuity interest  rates have
  averaged more  than  a  CD   over   the   last  20  years.
*Most Annuities are  very safe investment vehicles.
*There are NO charges or fees to set up an Annuity.
*Your  money  grows  on  a  Tax-Deferred  basis,  which  means   more  return  on your
  money than a Taxable investment like a CD or Savings account.

*Annuities offer Settlement Options, which include the following:
  a.  withdrawals of your Principle;
  b.  withdrawals of your Interest Growth;
  c.  the ability to "Annuitize" or provide income for your lifetime;
  d.  the  option  to  just let  your money grow and give it to your beneficiaries at death.
       All proceeds will go to your family with NO cost or delay of probate.

*With an Annuity, your  interest  is compounded.  Compound  Interest is often referred
   to as the "Eighth Wonder of the World."
  a.  The  Rule of 72 can be used to explain Compound Interest. This rule states - if you
       divide 72 by any interest rate it  will  show  you  how  long it will take you to double
       your money.
  b.  Example: 
       1.  72 divided by 1 = 72 (it  would  take  72 years to double your money in a typical
       bank account at 1%).
       2.  72 divided by 5 = 14.4  (it  would  take  14.4  years  to  double your money in a
             typical  Annuity at 5%).

There is one restriction with  an Annuity:  Like  a  CD  at  the  bank,  you can incur early
withdrawal  penalties  if  you   take   more  than 10%  out  during  the  first  few  years.

There are different types of Annuities available:

1.  Fixed Annuities, such as:

     a. Single Premium Deferred Annuity (SPDA):
         An Annuity that is  purchased  with one  lump  sum premium payment.
     b. Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity (FPDA):
         This Annuity allows additional  deposits to be made at your discretion.
     c. Immediate Annuity:
         You  put  a lump sum into  the Annuity and receive guaranteed monthly income for
         a  period of time, such as, 10, 15 , 20 years, or Life.

2.  Variable Annuities:

     You   get  all   the  advantages  related  to an  Annuity but your money is invested in
     stock or bond funds, so you lose some of the safety of a Fixed Annuity.

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