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Long term care insurance and what it can do for you. We do the shopping for you! Begin your multiple Quotes!
  Long term care insurance and what it can do for you.  

Preparing for the future with long term care insurance~

LONG TERM CARE - A National Dilemma:
You've worked hard all your life to ensure independence and security. You insisted on sound  financial planning to meet your future needs such as vacation and retirement.

But what about the next step? Will you need long term care?
Long  Term  Care  can  mean  many  different things but any chronic or disabling condition which  requires  care  or  constant  supervision  can result in the need for Long Term Care services.

Long Term Care includes many areas of care including:
     -Nursing Home Care
     -Home Health Care
     -Assisted Living Facility Care
     -Adult Day Care
     -Respite Care
     -Hospice Care for terminal illness.


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Did you know for every 1,000 people...

*Five (5) will have a HOUSE FIRE --- Risk of 1/2%*
*Seventy (70) will have an AUTO ACCIDENT --- Risk of 7%*
*Six-Hundred (600) will need LONG TERM CARE --- Risk of 60%**

As  you  can  see,  this  Long Term Care Risk is not something to take lightly.  It will affect many people and their families.

Consider this:

The  average  annual cost nationally  for nursing home care is about $46,000 or $127 per day for total costs.***

Over 40% of Americans receiving long-term care are under 65 years old.****


Most hospital's, major medical and HMO's do not cover long term care.

Medicare was designed to pay for hospital   acute care costs and pays less than 2% of all nursing home costs nationwide, usually for skilled care immediately following hospitalization.***

Medicaid does not pay for either nursing home  care  or  other  long term care  unless you are  at  the  federal  poverty  level   or  not  until you "spend down" your assets and meet Medicaid's requirements.

That leaves the responsibility for long term care costs with you...or possibly with your family.


84% of all Long Term Care is done in the HOME!  (According to "Financial Planning, The Care Givers - From the National Long Term Care Network.")

In a recent survey of older Americans, it was found that 78% of them preferred to have out-of-hospital  care  done  at  Home rather than a Nursing Home.

Studies show that for every Senior American receiving care in a Nursing Facility, five others  need similar care at Home.

One in every five people 75 to 84  and  nearly 50% over 84 have Alzheimer's disease. And 70% of people with Alzheimer's live at Home.

Approximately 85% of older citizens who need some Home Care help are aided by family members.

Older spousal caregivers are 63% more likely to die in a given year than non-caring elderly.   In  fact, caregivers, at any age,  are three times more  likely to seek medical or psychological  help  for depression and stress related symptoms.

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, moderate chronic Home Health  Care can cost over $20,000 per year.

If you think you can ignore Long Term Care  in any form, you will most likely find out you were WRONG!

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